Bank of Italy

Street Marketing

Aeterna Design, a company owned by the Made in Genesi advertising agency, takes care of the product design area, set-up for events and exhibition areas. On the occasion of the exhibition “L’ Avventura della Moneta” still visible at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni Roma center until April 28, 2024, Aeterna Design participated in the creation of a Street Marketing activity giving rise to the production of four works in an extra-large format, arranged on the sidewalk of Via Nazionale. The goal was to capture the attention of a transversal audience that would intercept tourists or Roman citizens during the Christmas holidays. The four works: a giant coin, a spiral of time, a Sumerian tablet, a globe representing the journey of the coin from its birth to the present day through the presence of recognizable elements present within the exhibition itself. A fusion between art and communication designed by Aeterna Design composed of communicators, set designers and made by Made in Italy artisan workshops, aimed at transforming the urban scenario to make it a real journey through time and space.
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