Art Design, sections of original Roman sampietrini cobblestones


A work that celebrates the strength and sturdiness of cobblestones with the energy of Aeterna Design.
The union of the brand takes shape and merges together with the eternal light of the city.

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The company's commitment to giving light and life back to the historic Roman cobblestones is celebrated through the fusion of a unique and contemporary design. Drawing inspiration from the past and combining it with modern elements to create something unique and innovative.
The resulting work is an enchanting portrait of timeless elegance, where eternal beauty becomes design.


Collection L’origine
Technique Installation of cobblestones on alveolar plate
Material Sections of original cobblestone
Alveolar aluminum sheet
Designer Pietro Causati
Dimensions W 98 cm H 90 cm
On commission Different sizes can be made
Production Made in Rome
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