Sampietrino Key

Keyring original reproduction
of a Roman sampietrino cobblestone


The Sampietrino Key is a keyring created from the miniature reproduction of the original Roman sampietrino.
An iconic and exclusive object.

You can buy Aeterna Design products directly from our store in via Giuseppe Sacconi 19, Rome.



Sampietrino Key is the key ring in the Aeterna Design merchandising line. It wants to represent the history and unique character of the city of Rome. At the base of the mini cobblestone, the key ring is inserted into a small hole and the monogram of the brand is printed.


Collection Sampietrino Magnet
Description Magnet
Material Nylon powder, magnet
Designer Alfredo Visca
Weight 10 gr
Dimensions 3.4 x 3.4 x 3.4 cm
Production Made in Rome
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